Thursday, May 05, 2005

What's wrong with this world.

Last night, on the train home, a young guy sitting on the steps (because train was full), placed his wallet on the steps then after some time a seat became free so he moved to the seat but in doing so forgot about his wallet on the steps...yep not the brightest move. Anyway of course train stops, people get on, and not so fit girl picks up said wallet... The guy sitting next to me who has witness the whole thing informs young guy that his wallet is now in unsavoury girls hands. In the time it has taken the two to find unsavoury girl she has already removed money and proceeded to remove all cards and is searching the wallet thoroughly. when the two guys see her, she has all the cards in her hands and says
"I was just looking for the ID, so I could hand it in to someone"
Yeah sure! anyway the guy immediately starts putting cards back in his wallet then he asks for the money back... the girl starts spitting chips. It was the most profanities I've heard in a long time, yes she was a very classy girl. Anyway after about 20 minutes of unsavoury girl going ballistic, young guy gets over it and returns to his seat, I think meh he can't have lost that much then, so I ask him how much he lost..... 8 bucks.... Yep, insert O my god moment. This chick has go through all this bull shit with young guy for 8 bucks. What a joke.

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