Thursday, September 15, 2005

Missy Higgins blog


I noticed you have started a blog over at ( thats great. It's good to see Aussie artists getting involved in the blogsphere, but can I make a suggestion, why don't you don't you place your blog in this site ( The mySpace thing was a good start but to me it all seems a bit too marketing driven.

I love your album and your songs are magic, I've been to a couple of your shows, and I believe you have a lot to say in the blogsphere, but the mySpace site just seems so cluttered. I had to search through all your marketing stuff to find your actual blog posts. I think if you placed it on added a blog link on the side maybe under "Latest News" and did all your blogging here it would be much more effective, and you should defiantly add a RSS feed, (obviously you won't know what this means.. or maybe you do, but the web guy/girl who did you website should know so ask them).

Anyways, best of luck in the US, hope to see you back in Oz soon.


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