Monday, May 09, 2005

I'm Excited! 5 days to go...

Next week I'm off to Darwin for the Arafura Games. We fly out Friday for what will be a water polo/drinkathon event for all involved. Ok yeah there's other sports as well but who cares about them. ow yeah except Chris has asked me to check out the Sepaktakraw, which sounds like a networking technology to me, but apparently it's a sport. I will try to post something each day so stay tuned.

I just received a draw

Day 1 Sunday 15 May
Round 1
M1. WA vs NSW 9.00 am

Round 2
M4. SA vs NSW 2.50 pm

Day 2 Monday 16 May
Round 3
M6. QLD vs NSW 9.50 am

Day 3 Tuesday 17 May
Round 5
W14. NSW vs SING 11.30 am
The girls have a extra round game.

Round 6
M13. NSW vs NT 4.30 pm

Day 4 Wednesday 18 May
Round 7
M14. NSW vs ADF 10.40 pm

Day 4 Wednesday 18 May (continued)
Playoffs positions 5 to 7 (round robin)
Semi Finals

Day 5 Thursday 19 May
REST DAY, ahh you've gotta love a rest day, you know what that means! :-)

Day 6 Friday 20 May
Play offs continued
Grand Finals

This is what where aiming for
M20. Winner M16 vs Winner M17 6.30 pm Gold medal match

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