Friday, July 08, 2005

Australian Media - Packer V Murdoch

but are there any differences? Considering these guys pretty much own all the print media in Australia and both love Johny from the lodge (John Howard) do we actually receive any independent views in Australia? not from these guys.

Sheridan's dozen interviews with former US deputy secretary of state Rich Armitage were described as showing "the kind of uncritical enthusiasm one might expect from a teenager in love."

Greg Sheridan is a Murdoch man, as described by Robert Manne in The Monthly a new independent magazine. It's this kind of uncritical bull shit news that is fed to the Australian public every day and being total oz no one gives a shit about it. The best example of this is the last election which seen little Johny given the keys to not only the lodge but the senate, all because he gave the public the best back pocket deals, and all the media wanted to talk about was economics and surpluses, what about our water? what about Health? what about education? sorry Mr Howard, what I meant to say was, yes, yes..... good work old chap! Show me the money............... WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!

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