Monday, June 20, 2005

Record Companies Intend to Make Criminals of Us All

In Record Companies Intend to Make Criminals of Us All, Ernest Miller gives it to the big wigs in the music industry for there increasing short sightedness and there constant quest to turn consumers into criminals.
In other words, record labels will only succeed in encouraging disrespect for copyright law. Thanks a lot, you bunch of short-sighted morons.
But when he calls them short-sighted morons, the thought that instantly comes to mind is how Australian politicians are acting the same way. Only worried about the near future, about surpluses and there next step in there political future, rather then the people they serve and the infrastructures to improve conditions for there people, for example the Government just gave millions of dollars of hand outs to farmers, Yes ok it is much needed, but what about infrastructure to change the situation. Not a thing, not popular enough an issue, But lets bend over backwards to get a pretty little drug trafficker out of Indonesia.

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