Thursday, August 11, 2005

A "no use advice" policy.

Rick over at the The Post Money Value has my quote of the day. He noticed Mp3 Logo on his rental car radio, but finding out how to use it is another matter
I happen to notice the MP3 logo on the radio. Cool! Well, okay, WTF... No directions. No plugs. No owners manual, nothing.
But what cracked me up was the response he got from Budget Rental Car people.
then he says
No, really. A "no use advice" policy. I now understand why reality TV is easier to make. Who needs to think up entertainment when corporations cough up this kinda stuff.
that's, what it's like these day, I'm sorry sir we just wanted you to pay for the (insert item here), we didn't actually think you would want to use it, so we don't support or know how to do that our selves.

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