Tuesday, May 10, 2005

but Scoble The Inmates are still Running the Asylum

Scoble said in his shout out for Team 99 super Ď‹ber users.
I want some developers there. Some "super users" like we were talking about last night.

I'm sure MS already has something in place like this, but don't you think you would achieve better results from the testing, if you had a more diverse range of users in Team 99 rather then mainly super users?

ok yeah they may be harder to find, and there probably not passionate about windows (mainly use it because there's no real alternative), but surly there must be some middle of the road users out there who blog and are willing to test Longhorn.

For example how many super users will complain about the file system interface? I'm guessing not many because they know it back to front, and know the power and the pitfalls of this system. But have you ever tried to explain explorer, files and folders to you mother? or had to explain where you Dads letter has disappeared to, because he is positive he saved it in word, but now it's not there. I'm positive others have had these painful moments.

Sorry: I borrowed the title from this book

furthermore: I think all designers and user interface gurus should have to read About Face 2.0: The Essentials of Interaction Design by Alan Cooper, Robert M. Reimann.

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