Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tax it! Tax it! Tax it!

Jeff Jarvis over at BuzzMachine has a funny post on poor taxation policy.
If we're really going to improve the quality of life via fiscal policy, I say let's tax checkered flannel shirts, polyester suits, car alarms that make 20 obnoxious sounds and never turn off, Dr. Phil, mullets, Britney Spears CDs, bare-midriff tops over size 6, Speedos in any size, magnetic ribbons on the backs of cars in any color, Starbucks orders of more than four words, pop-up ads, tofu, PowerPoint, and gum.
Yeah it's witty but he makes a valid point, and I can just see J-Ho (John Howard) following closely in the US's foot steps as there seems to be no end to his endeavor to make OZ a carbon copy of America.

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