Tuesday, June 28, 2005

iTunes 4.9

All those non podcasting ignoramuses out there should get there high speed net connections warmed up because iTunes 4.9 is coming to town and podcasting is about to go mental. Dave is no doubt right on the money as always.

Minority Report

Just watched the our Ex-Tom movie Minority Report, Thought it was quite a good movie bit slow to start with but gets very good towards the end. Was a little predictable as one of my Top Gun loving mates pointed out "Maverick never dies".

Yeah so it was all good, I enjoyed it until it went all rosy at the end, IMO it would have been better if had just been left with a dark ending, and because of what happens the happily every after bit would have been assumed. Anyways thats the way it goes.

Sorry if I have spoilt it for you, but I figured if it's out on Australian TV(Way behind) and you haven't watched it yet, then you probably weren't going to watch it. To make up for this I recommend you see Saw instead, Fantastic!