Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pom Crapentators

I can't believe these bloody pom commentators, Glen McGrath just clean bowled Vaughan (he was no where near it) and it happened to be a no ball. Then the frigging commentator says "did he here it" meaning Vaughan heard the umpire call no ball and left it, what a crok. I've heard these stupid commentators say some dumb shit but that has to top it.

Scholarship of the willing

More links relating to our foreign minister, but this time involving his daughter getting a Chevening scholarship. What.. who cars you say, well bare with me. She received 3rd class honors, Yeah not a bad effort, but apparently the scholarship is very prestige and only the top of the crop receive them which means 2nd class honors as a minimum. There has been plenty of negative mail about this article calling Crikey all sorts of names, but there have also been some very interesting mail from failed applicants. Two that I seen were from applicants who had achieved first class honors but had not even been called up for an interview.
A quick search of the Melbourne University website reveals that the Law Faculty publishes an honours ranking list. In the 2003 Ranked Final Honours List, Georgina Mary Beatrice Downer is placed at 120th in a cohort of 139 graduates. In fact, she is placed half way down the Honours 3 ranking; an entirely respectable result but one that speaks to a plodding academic career rather than one of excellence.
So how did a 3rd class honors graduate get a vital interview (that she allegedly excelled at) for a scholarship worth $50,000, when better students didn't even receive a no thank you. hhmmm... fishy?

Of course mainstream media are staying well clear of this. no surprise really.. no heart.

Heterosexual under pants police

Steve Cannane from Triple Js Hack, produces some gold, in the Hack podcast about Free Zach and Love in actions the ex gay program.

When Wyane Besen describes some of the ridiculous rules enforced in the program, in particular the taking of under pants that are "to gay", Steve replies "that's bizarre, I've never heard of the heterosexual under pants police".

Seriously check out the Hack podcast, it's my favorite podcast, but that's what I've come to expect from Triple J, quality!

A "no use advice" policy.

Rick over at the The Post Money Value has my quote of the day. He noticed Mp3 Logo on his rental car radio, but finding out how to use it is another matter
I happen to notice the MP3 logo on the radio. Cool! Well, okay, WTF... No directions. No plugs. No owners manual, nothing.
But what cracked me up was the response he got from Budget Rental Car people.
then he says
No, really. A "no use advice" policy. I now understand why reality TV is easier to make. Who needs to think up entertainment when corporations cough up this kinda stuff.
that's, what it's like these day, I'm sorry sir we just wanted you to pay for the (insert item here), we didn't actually think you would want to use it, so we don't support or know how to do that our selves.


Has anyone else noticed Dave has been swearing a lot lately? Think his just firing on all cylinders.

I freaking LOVE IT too.

I freaking LOVE IT too.
some day we'll get our media back.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Is big media that desperate?
This morning I glanced across to a fellow commuters paper only to see a Desperate Housewives last episode update "just in case you missed it". So now not only do radio and TV regurgitate bad TV, what's left of the paper industry is getting padded with commentary of the last nights TV as well, sensational :-P. And don't get me started on Big Brother real-pity TV.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

BBC says, go to town on our TV guide

BBC opens up broadcast data to let the public create an new way to view whats on the box. No more TV guide. Hooray! is an Australian tv guide site that I use. Although they don't highlight sport or pay services (Foxtel, etc) but I still like there style.

"I mean, politics a who gives a f*ck?"

Yesterdays Crikey Daily had some quality quotes from Alexander Downer(Australians Foreign Affairs minister). The one above shows exactly what Australians think about the running of our country and why politicians get away with murder in Australia because really "who gives a f*ck?"

other class A quotes
"Yes, in Australia it's all a little out of control. You read some things, and you get so frustrated. They've completely missed the point of what you're doing or saying, and portrayed it as somehow fascistic or cruel... You can really understand how some governments get to the point where they say, 'enough is enough' – no more media freedom!"
and this
"And anyway, I've always thought newspapers were the wrong way around... You should start with the sports pages, then the weather, the gossip sections, business and then, finally, politics. The same goes for news on the television."
this is where the "who gives a" punchline is delivered, what a comed... buffo.... funny guy.
Then Downer at his toffy best
"We could somehow send a suicide bomber koala into Kangaroo Island... But we'd need to get all of the koalas in the same place first."
when talking of the over population of the Koalas on Kangaroo Island.