Friday, July 08, 2005

Australian Media - Packer V Murdoch

but are there any differences? Considering these guys pretty much own all the print media in Australia and both love Johny from the lodge (John Howard) do we actually receive any independent views in Australia? not from these guys.

Sheridan's dozen interviews with former US deputy secretary of state Rich Armitage were described as showing "the kind of uncritical enthusiasm one might expect from a teenager in love."

Greg Sheridan is a Murdoch man, as described by Robert Manne in The Monthly a new independent magazine. It's this kind of uncritical bull shit news that is fed to the Australian public every day and being total oz no one gives a shit about it. The best example of this is the last election which seen little Johny given the keys to not only the lodge but the senate, all because he gave the public the best back pocket deals, and all the media wanted to talk about was economics and surpluses, what about our water? what about Health? what about education? sorry Mr Howard, what I meant to say was, yes, yes..... good work old chap! Show me the money............... WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!

"It's no use Mr Blair"

“It's no use Mr Blair telling us yesterday that "they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear". "They" are not trying to destroy "what we hold dear". They are trying to get public opinion to force Blair to withdraw from Iraq, from his alliance with the United States, and from his adherence to Bush's policies in the Middle East.” Robert Fisk in The Independent

more on the attacks

“Al-Qaida's new modus operandi is a combination of strategy and necessity. After the US coalition destroyed its training bases in Afghanistan, word went out, allegedly from Bin Laden himself, that jihadi veterans should return home to their countries of origin, recruit locally and prepare to attack domestic targets. The attacks in Casablanca and Madrid were illustrations of this. What made the Madrid bombers so difficult to detect was that some members of the cell were takfiris, Islamist militants committed to jihad while continuing to live a western lifestyle, drinking, smoking and taking drugs. The leaders of the cell deliberately set out to radicalise and recruit street criminals so they could bring their expertise to the cause. Jamal Ahmidan, the Madrid takfiri who got hold of the explosives, was a drug dealer. One of the critical questions to be answered is: where did the London bombers come from?” Peter Taylor in The Guardian

and the bloggers responce

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Copernic Desktop Search

I love Copernic Desktop Search, it's great, searches/indexes inside documents include word, excel, pdf, txt what ever. Does network drives as well. AWESOME!